Nightfall is out in stores NOW!!! 

A year ago, my husband Peter got an amazing book deal with Penguin/Random House.  Now, he's finally off on his official book tour with his co-author Jake Halpern!  I'm so happy for them and thrilled to have been able to contribute to this amazing project.  You can click here to listen to the music that's included in the audio version of their book.  But more importantly, PLEASE GO BUY THE BOOK OR AUDIO BOOK!  ;-)  It's available at all stores, but here it is on AMAZON

Kid Pan Alley Songwriting Residency! 

I loved working with Paul Reisler of Kid Pan Alley as we wrote songs with kids in Virginia last week.  What a wonderful experience.  I'll now be offering programs here in Chicago and the surrounding areas, so click HERE for more info. 

Nightfall is coming! September 22nd...  

I have two songs coming out in the back of the new book, Nightfall, to be released on September 22nd with Penguin / Random House.  The audio version also comes out at the same time and you can hear both songs at the end as additional material.  Click HERE to listen to "The Other Side of Me" and "Hand over Hand"!


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